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Lombok – unspoiled natural beauty, stunning uncrowded beaches and laid-back charm defines the island’s essence…

Just a brief 40-minute flight east of Bali, Lombok is the new Indonesian destination and a haven for those seeking the pleasures of an authentic tropical island getaway.

Despite often being referred to as “Bali 20 years ago”, this is only true in terms of development. Lombok boasts landscapes, people and a culture uniquely its own. 

Stretching across 4,619 square kilometres, Lombok is almost as large as Bali and has a wide range of attractions and activities for all types of travellers.

From the exceptional beauty of the beaches fringed with coconut palms to the densely forested interior, the island unfolds in a series of breathtaking vistas. Drive almost anywhere and you can be assured of your own personal deserted beach.

“High seasons” in Lombok run from July to September, and mid-December to January; the rest of the year the island is much quieter than Bali and you’ll never find yourself stuck in traffic jams here.

Discerning travellers take advantage of the lack of crowds and the bargains offered by the island’s premier hotels and resorts during the quieter periods.

Tourism flourishes in key areas like the Gili islands off the northwest coast, Senggigi on the west coast, and Kuta on the island’s south coast.

The interior of the island is heavily forested and retains its natural wilderness. Jungles and forest reserves are easily accessible for trekking and exploring; waterfalls, rivers, hills and volcanoes provide myriad opportunities for eco-tourism.

The southern slopes of the Rinjani mountain range, as well as the Rinjani National Park in the north, are forested in old stands of mahogany and hardwoods, interspersed with natural jungle vegetation, rivers and stunning waterfalls.

Dominating the northern quadrant of the island is the magnificent volcano, Gunung Rinjani. Rated as a world-class tourism destination, this towering volcano attracts trekkers and serious mountain climbers from around the world.

The peak soars 3,726 metres above sea level and is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. Set amongst the majesty of these mountains, the “Segara Anak” Crater Lake glistens like a jewel and from the depths of the lake rises the smaller volcanic cone, “Baru Jari”.

The southern coastline is simply stunning, lined with long stretches of deserted beaches, the raw beauty of towering cliffs overlooking the vast ocean, and secluded bays waiting to be discovered.   

Widely acknowledged as a Mecca for surfers, the south coast is the perfect playground for wave enthusiasts. Here, the surging tides and coastal winds converge to create some of the best surfing experiences in all of Indonesia.

Bangko-Bangko, on the island’s furthest southwest point, is world-renowned for challenging waves and regularly cited as one of the top five surfing destinations in Southeast Asia.

Away from the tourism areas, many of the small villages carry on life as they have for centuries –simple lifestyles centred around farming, fishing, community living and traditional handicrafts. 

The Sasak people who inhabit the island are simple, friendly people, welcoming visitors to witness their colourful ceremonies, traditional dances, and authentic way of life.

In contrast to this rural setting, off the north-west coast lie the three small islands known as the Gilis – Gili Air, Meno and Trawangan. Already popular with travellers for many years, these coral-fringed oases continue to delight all who visit and are a famous Lombok landmark internationally.

Blessed with crystal clear waters and thriving reefs, the Gilis provide some of the best diving opportunities in Southeast Asia and year after year attract thousands of visitors to their shores to learn to dive and to explore the abundant underwater attractions of the islands.

It would be impossible to list all the attractions that Lombok has to offer here. Indeed, some parts of the island remain largely unexplored by westerners, and therein lies the beauty of this tropical paradise – no matter what your interest, nor how much time you spend here, there is always something new and special to be discovered.

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