Gili meno

Gili Meno in contrast, exudes serenity, with its pristine white sands and turquoise waters creating an intimate haven for those seeking seclusion and romance.

Located between Gili Air and Gili T, Meno is the smallest island and has the lowest population of the three Gilis.

Meno’s popularity has soared over the past 5 years as travellers discover this ‘quieter Gili’ with its beautiful undeveloped beaches and rustic charm – all within easy reach of the diving and activities that have made the Gilis famous.

If you base yourself on Gili Meno, it is easy to dive around the other islands and to make day trips to Gili T and Gili Air via public boats and private boat charter.

The water surrounding the island is clear turquoise and the beaches are covered in brilliant white sand, fringed with coconut palms and native sea pines.

Like all the Gilis, the best swimming beaches and the most tourist facilities (including the boat harbour) are located along the east coast.

It is possible to walk around the whole island on a small beach track in around 90 minutes. Those seeking tranquillity head to the north and west coasts, where more development has been quietly taking place over the past years.

The recent opening of BASK Resort and Beach Club sets a new standard for Gili Meno with its luxurious contemporary villas and suites. The stylish Beach Club features a layered poolside terrace and beach bar, an open-plan kitchen serving upmarket cuisine, and sophisticated entertainment.  

BASK is also responsible for the installation of the popular underwater sculpture called “The Nest”, featuring 48 life-size human figures standing in a circle and entwined together on the ground.

The art installation by famous sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor is hauntingly beautiful and well worth a visit.

Snorkelling trips often include a visit to the sculpture and the statues draw crowds of snorkellers every day; get there early to see it at its best.

Gili Meno boasts some beautiful quiet beaches and quality accommodation with smaller resorts and private villas dotted around the island.

Small hotels and bungalows provide accommodation for those seeking a peaceful place in the sun with uncrowded beaches, clean waters and peaceful nights under the star-filled skies.

Dotted around the island, casual beachfront cafés and bars serve Indonesian and popular western meals, with fresh fish and wood-fired pizzas being Gili Meno specialties.

Some provide low-key entertainment in the evenings, more so in the high season, but visitors to Gili Meno largely come for romantic escapes and a chance to rejuvenate on the island’s pretty beaches.

Gili Meno is also famous for the many turtles that live just offshore. To swim with these huge creatures – usually so awkward and ungainly on land but moving through their natural element with such grace – is perhaps the most special underwater experience of all and a major reason for visiting Gili Meno.

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