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Welcome to The Lombok Guide – Lombok’s complete tourism paper and your guide to the best that the island has to offer. The Lombok Guide is published on Lombok every two weeks and contains valuable information for all visitors to our magical island.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since our last issue, with the Lombok International Triathlon taking place over the weekend of 7 & 8 November and attracting 85 participants from Australia, UK, USA, Europe and throughout Asia. With a heat-wave sweeping Indonesia at present, the athletes battled heat and humidity to conquer “the toughest course in Asia”. See our story on page 32.

Every year, on the first Tuesday in November, the entire nation of Australia stops for its major horse racing event of the year: The Melbourne Cup. Surprisingly, Lombok is following suit with major Cup Day celebrations taking place on the island on Tuesday, 3 November. Turn to pages 10 and 20 for our full coverage.

Halloween, on 31 October, was also a treat with both expat residents and locals getting into the spirit with a number of spooky parties. Horizontal Lounge and Restaurant on Gili Trawangan threw the biggest party of all, with two days of celebrations on both Gili Meno and Gili T, attended by beautiful people from Bali, Lombok and Jakarta. Check out “Gili’s Scene” on page 67 for all the fun photos.

Lombok may be a small, peaceful island but there’s always something happening in paradise…

To find out more, pick up a copy of The Lombok Guide from the locations listed on page 44 or visit www.thelombokguide.com and discover the magic of Lombok for yourself… like thousands of others, you’ll be enchanted!

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Melbourne Cup fever hit Gili Trawangan in a big way this year, with The Beach House organising a huge Melbourne Cup luncheon followed by Gili T’s own “Day at the Races”.

Local businesses on Gili T joined forces with neighbouring Gili Meno to host the first ever “Fast Boat Races”, involving many of the fast boat operators on the islands, followed by the “Slow Boat Race”, in which local dive boats participated.


The huge crowd started the day at The Beach House for traditional Cup Day festivities, including champagne and sweepstakes, and prizes for the best hats and outfits. Many people got into the spirit, wearing fantastic costumes and outrageous hats… even Batman and Robin were present!

The famous Australian horse race got under way at 12 noon local time and the enthusiastic crowd cheered the horses on via big screen televisions set up in the bar and restaurant. Winners or losers, they all seemed happy to be part of “the race that stops Australia” on the first Tuesday in November every year.

At 1pm, the attention turned to the boats gathering offshore, with much speculation over which of the “fast boats” was going to prove to be the fastest! Azura from Island Getaway, Mahi Mahi and Blue Water Safari fast boats joined Ferrari Fun from Horizontal, Sonic from Hotel Vila Ombak, and speedboats from Beach House, Scallywags and Jabong.

New fast boat, Redline, had the honour of being race adjudicator and making sure all was fair at the start and finish lines out in the ocean. It was quite a spectacle to see all the fast boats gathering in the water around the big red Redline boat… with local captains eager to put their speedboats through their paces.

With a roar of outboards, the boats were off and bouncing across the waves as they raced across the water, doing a circuit around Gili Meno before racing down between the two islands back to the finish line. Excited crowds of locals and tourists gathered on the jetty to cheer the boats on as they flashed past. Fastest of all was Azura, operated by Island Getaway, in number one place, followed by the Scallywags speedboat in second place and The Beach House speedboat in third place.


Shortly after, the dive boats and outriggers joined the boats milling around Redline, eager to try their engines in the “Slow Boat Race”. Also participating were Voda, a 15m catamaran, and Bulan Purnama, the magnificent Phinisi boat operating out of Gili T. As both are sail boats, these two started first with handicaps. Then the race was on, with boats from Blue Marlin, Manta Dive, Big Bubble Dive, Trawangan Dive and ko-ko-mo speeding across the water to Gili Meno and then back around to the Gili T finish line.


ko-ko-mo was the surprise winner, with a very determined crew, followed by Hotel Vila Ombak, Big Bubble and Blue Marlin all sharing equal second place.

Race competitors paid a small entrance fee to participate, with The Beach House matching the total entrance fees for prizes. 10% of all proceeds were donated to the Gili Eco Trust. Local boat crews shared the prize pools for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each race.

It was a fantastic day, made even more fantastic by the level of cooperation between all the businesses on Gili T and Gili Meno, as well as island administration. Gili Trawangan Village Head, Pak Zainuddin (Dino), Pak Taufik (Head of the islands) and Delphine from the Gili Eco Trust were all instrumental in making the day a huge success. Dive companies, usually competing for business on the islands, laughed and cheered their boats on; local people joined in the fun and got a taste of the excitement of Melbourne Cup Day, and the tourists were royally entertained. The Beach House plans to make the Gili’s Cup Day an annual event, so expect next year to be a truly huge event and even more fun!


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Movember (the month formerly known as November) is a moustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men’s health. Participants celebrate Movember by growing a moustache for the whole month and raising funds for charity. Gili T residents, always on the cutting edge of what’s hot, are taking part in Movember by growing (or attempting to grow!) moustaches and charging a Tash Tax to raise funds. The innovative crowd of dive and business operators are also selling a calendar with ridiculous… err, handsome photos of their moustaches for just Rp 30 000. All funds raised will be donated to underprivileged children on Gili Trawangan. Help support these mo-it-all’s by purchasing a calendar from Manta Dive, Tir Na Nog, Big Bubble or The Beach House on Gili T.

Ciokolata Boutique, next to the Senggigi Jaya Supermarket on the main street, has a great selection of new stock in store at the moment… just in time for Christmas and New Year parties. The boutique sells a fantastic range of designer fashion and resort wear, as well as shoes and accessories, and is an agent for precious and exclusive Autore pearls. The new range includes gorgeous sun dresses in pretty florals teamed with stretch cotton lycra, cute and flirty mini skirts and dresses, and a feminine range of dresses, all in beige, using cotton, silk, lace and linen. Very stylish! There are also fabulous European designer-style shoes in stock at the moment, as well as pretty sandals for summer parties. Also check out the small but beautiful range of bathers… one of the few places in Lombok that stocks western styles and sizes! www.ciokolata.com

The Office Bar and Restaurant situated on the beachfront in the Pasar Seni (Art Markets) has been popular with the expat crowd for years, especially as a place to relax while watching the fishing boats out in Senggigi Bay and the stunning Lombok sunsets. While most drop in for a cold drink or two with friends, The Office is also an excellent place for a meal, with a large menu of both western and Indonesian meals.

Try the deep fried calamari – crispy squid rings that go so well with a cold beer – at Rp 42 000. For dinner, we can recommend the fish fillets served with lemon, garlic or delicious mornay sauce for just Rp 39 000. Australian Fillet or Strip Loin steaks are also on the menu, as well as New Zealand Lamb Chops served with mint sauce.
For local flavour, the popular Pelecing Ayam – fried chicken pieces in a spicy sauce served with rice, is good value at Rp 26 000. Daily blackboard specials are worth a look, as they often feature fresh fish purchased directly from the fishermen on the beach. The bar serves up a good range of drinks and juices, classic cocktails, a full selection of spirits and liqueurs, and local wines by the glass or bottle. Friendly atmosphere, tasty food and great views!

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The Jakarta Post reports that police in East Lombok are investigating a religious sect in Sambelia village, Sambelia district in East Lombok.

The probe into “spreading deviant teachings” comes after the sect’s leader reportedly proclaimed himself a prophet and claimed to have ascended to heaven twice previously.

“The Sambelia and East Lombok police are currently investigating the case there,” provincial police spokesman Comr Tribudi Pangastuti told The Jakarta Post on Wednesday, 14 October, 2009.

The sect, called the Istijenar Taksa Gunung Rinjani, is currently the focus of a joint-task-force probe by the East Lombok regency administration.

A 70-year-old man identified only as B K R is believed to be the leader of the group and was questioned by an investigating team formed by the regency administration and the East Lombok Supervision of Religious Movement in Society (Pakem), at the Sambelia district administrative office.

B K R reportedly claimed to have received the divine power needed to perform the ascensions and to have heard the voice of the archangel Gabriel.

The investigating team leader and also assistant of administrative affairs at the East Lombok regency administration, Muhasim, said after the questioning that B K R had denied ever claiming to be a prophet, but had insisted he had twice ascended to heaven, in 1975 and 1997.

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Kompas.com has confirmed that the Bali police will be installing an additional 75 Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) cameras in potential high crime areas in Denpasar and the Badung regency.

The Head of Public Relations for the Bali Police, I Gde Sugianyar, told the press on 29 October, 2009, that the installation of the additional CCTV units is part of the police force’s programme to reduce the recent upsurge in criminal activity, including the robbery of a BRI Bank branch.

“The installation is 95% complete and recordings from the CCTV will be monitored from three separate call centres at the Kuta Precinct, the traffic police in Denpasar and police headquarters,” he said.

15 new units have been put in operation in Denpasar and 60 units in the Badung regency.

The police spokesman refused to be more specific on exact locations for the cameras, saying their positions will be camouflaged and kept secret from criminal elements.

In addition to the new CCTV units, the Bali police will also reactivate the 112 emergency call centre. Public needing police assistance will only need to dial 112 to obtain an instant response.

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Radar Bali confirms that Bali’s rabies epidemic has now spread to five of the island’s nine regencies and metropolitan areas. Ida Bagus Alit, the Head of Bali's Animal Husbandry Department (Dinas Peternakan), confirmed that Karangasem and Bangli now have confirmed cases of the deadly disease in their dog populations, while previously cases of rabies were confined to Denpasar, Badung and Tabanan.

“After the Galungan holidays we sent laboratory samples to the Balai Veteriner. The results show that there are several confirmed cases of rabies. Because of this, we have sent special teams to socialise information on rabies to people living in those two regencies (Karangasem and Bangli). We will also step up the elimination of wild dogs in those two areas,” Alit said.

Alit told the press that his department has only been allocated Rp 600 million (US $60,000) to cover socialisation, education, vaccination and elimination of wild dogs across the entire province of Bali. Most of that amount has been spent on publications and socialisation.

“On television alone we have spent Rp 57 million (US $5,700). We have also spent Rp 80 million (US $8,000) on billboards, Rp 25 million (US $2,500) on banners and Rp 50 million (US $5,000) on honorariums for staff giving inoculations. This leaves a balance of around Rp 209 million (US $20,900).”

Whether the remaining amount is sufficient to address the expanding epidemic in Bali remains to be seen, according to man in charge of dealing with the rabies outbreak.

Alit has told breeders of Bali’s famous Kintamani of dogs in Bangli to vaccinate their animals immediately to avoid having their pets eliminated by teams of officials.

Official records kept by the government show at least 40 confirmed cases of rabies among Bali’s dog population since November 2008.

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QUESTION: My husband and I have been married for 47 years and have recently purchased a lovely holiday villa with sea view and small garden in Lombok. Unfortunately another similar villa has just been built close to ours. So close in fact that the living room of the neighbouring villa overlooks our bedroom. Just the other day, during an intimate moment with my husband, I noticed our neighbours staring at us from their window which looks directly into our bedroom. They seemed quite friendly and were waving and smiling. Would you recommend curtains or blinds? I don’t know what to do.

MR FIXIT:  There are many companies advertising custom blinds in all materials imaginable from bamboo, wood and velux. They are happy to recommend and make any design you wish. Custom curtains are similarly available and can be hung on gliding rails of all descriptions. You will find these firms advertising regularly in your local paper and are not expensive. Alternately, why not spend the money on a bottle of nice wine and next time your neighbours catch you and your husband during an intimate moment, invite them over. They sound like fun! 

QUESTION: In order to fix my leaking roof, I have decided to introduce a secondary barrier of aluminium coated sheeting before replacing the roof tiles. The workers complained of glare from the sun on the highly reflective surface so I decided to provide them all with sunglasses. This seemed to help a great deal but the roofers kept loosing them forcing me to buy endless pairs of sunglasses. It was quite amusing to see the workmen on the roof wearing sunglasses. They looked like pop stars. One of them even looked like Elvis Presley. Your advice greatly appreciated.

MR FIXIT:  Keep buying the sunglasses till the job is finished. Glare from direct or even indirect sunlight can severely damage the cornea of the eye. You can get cheap sunglasses from Ruby’s supermarket in Mataram. They also sell cheap acoustic guitars. Get one of those and ask Elvis to sing “Up on the Roof” by the Drifters or Trini Lopez’s “If I had a Hammer”.

QUESTION: My boyfriend and I have been living together for over a year and we have recently discovered a damp patch in the back of the wardrobe. Mould has started to grow and has ruined some of his clothes. As a result, my boyfriend has taken most of his clothes back to his mate’s house. I was so happy when he first moved in with me but now it seems he has moved out again. I am seeing less and less of him as he now gets dressed somewhere else. When I confront him about this, he just complains about the damp in the wardrobe. Is he seeing another woman?

MR FIXIT: Rising damp is a common problem in Indonesia as there are no building regulations requiring the use of a damp course. It is so simple and cheap to incorporate it into any building work I can’t for the life of me understand why no one does it. Perhaps they just don’t know. A simple strip of rubberized roofing cut in 10 cm lengths and laid between two layers of cement before the first course of brickwork usually eliminates this problem for good. In your case, as the building already exists, it is possible to remove 3 or 4 bricks at a time along the length of the ground floor and install the damp proof course as previously described. Failing that, find yourself another man who doesn’t mind wearing smelly mouldy clothes. My friend George for instance.

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The Melbourne Cup brought out the punters for a day of fun at The Beach Club, Senggigi

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There’s a quiet evolution going on in the north of Lombok… With the opening of the Medana Bay Marina in September of this year, the spotlight is on the north coast and discerning developers have been quick to see the potential of this beautiful area.

Medana Bay is a wide basin of calm water that stretches from the peninsula of land near the Oberoi and sweeps in a wide arc to the north, to the beaches of Tanjung. The small, ancient Pura Medana temple perches on the end of the peninsula overlooking the Gili islands just offshore. The bay is lined with sparkling white sand and swaying palm trees, with the rolling hills of the Rinjani mountain range in the background. Given such majestic scenery, it was only a matter of time before the area was snapped up for tourism development.

On the south of the beach, local developers Propil are pushing ahead with plans for the Datu Bay project: a luxurious Condotel combining residential villas with a hotel and all the facilities of a first class resort. There are plans for restaurants, a spa and beachfront swimming pool, as well as a pier for visiting boats from the Gilis and afar.

On the shore just east of the temple, the Lombok Lodge has already broken ground on their prestigious boutique hotel development. Plans include seven contemporary villas, designed by famous Belgium architect Vittorio Simoni. The villas will be tiered on the sloping block, affording each with stunning views down to the beach and across to the Gilis in the south and the mountains to the north.

Billed as a “charming boutique hotel” the emphasis will be on intimacy and personalised service, complemented with a small fine dining restaurant. Owners Ben and Anja from Belgium have more than 15 years experience in operating restaurants in Belgium and are keen to bring the same quality to their gracious hotel in Lombok.
As a first step to achieving their dreams, a ground breaking ceremony was held on Sunday, 18 October with a pemangku (priest) from the Tanjung Hindu community officiating. Friends and local villages joined in the prayers and blessings for the future success of The Lombok Lodge, which plans to open in October 2010, with soft opening planned prior to the high season in June 2010.

The luxurious one and two bedroom villas feature spacious designs and contemporary finishing, and will be available to guests seeking an intimate and personalised alternative to larger hotels in the north. With the small number of villas available, The Lombok Lodge will be a perfect venue for weddings, birthdays and exclusive occasions. The fine dining restaurant will also be open to the public and will feature open table events, beach barbecues and opportunities for guests to mingle and socialise.

With the Oberoi Resort and Tugu Hotels nearby, The Lombok Lodge is in good company in what is becoming a market niche for stylish and up market accommodations in the stunning surroundings of the north coast.

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Customers of state electricity company PT PLN in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) have protested the frequent blackouts in their areas, claiming they have led to significant losses.

Law practitioners and non-governmental group activists, calling themselves the NTB Power Users Advocating Coalition, protested on Tuesday, 20 October against the worsening blackouts at the NTB PLN office in Mataram.
“Rotating blackouts often take place at random and PLN has never informed customers of the reasons behind this. This is what we’re questioning,” said forum coordinator, Sudirman, during a public meeting with PLN officials in Mataram.

He added that based on data gathered by the forum, blackouts occurred every day in a number of districts on Lombok, during the day as well as at night. He said the public had also complained about the long duration of blackouts, which typically last between three and four hours.

In response to the protest, NTB branch PLN general manager Sofyan said the PLN had to resort to rotating power outages in Lombok because it was not able to supply adequate power to customers, especially during peak-load periods.

Currently, it is only able to supply customers with 96 mega watts (MW) of power from its four diesel generators on Lombok, while power demands from its 360,000 customers on Lombok peaked at 106 MW.

Sofyan said to overcome the deficit, PLN was forced to conduct rotating blackouts from 6 pm until midnight. He said the rotating blackouts had previously been imposed once every two days but since early this month PLN had conducted blackouts once every three days.

The PLN publishes a schedule for the blackouts in local newspapers such as The Lombok Post but these usually only list blackouts scheduled for once a week. Most areas on Lombok are experiencing power outages at least three times per week and, in some areas, every day.

In April of this year, the government announced that it had commenced construction of two new coal-fired power plants with a total capacity of 75 megawatts in Lombok.

The power plants will be located in Taman and Jeranjang in the village of Kebon Ayu, in Gerung district, West Lombok. The first power plant, named PLTU 1 Lombok-NTB, has a capacity of 25 megawatts. The second one, PLTU 2 Lombok-NTB, has a capacity of 2x25 megawatts.

It is expected that the new power plants will be operational by 2010.

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The Lombok International Triathlon took place on Sunday, 8 November and attracted large crowds of spectators to witness the gruelling Olympic standard 1.5km swim, 40km bike ride and10km run being fought out on Lombok’s beaches and roads.

The Triathlon started with the swim event on the beachfront between the Sheraton Senggigi Resort and Santosa Villas and Resort at 7am watched by an enthusiastic crowd. More crowds gathered on the road at the front of the Sheraton and at points along the main coastal road north to cheer on the competitors in the bike and run events.
This is the third time Lombok has hosted the International Triathlon, organised by Singapore-based company, TRIBOB. Race Director, Matthé Vijverberg, said that around 100 athletes had registered for the Triathlon, with 85 of those finally participating in this year’s event. Competitors came from Australia, the UK, USA, Europe and Asia, as well as from across Indonesia.

Unfortunately, the 5km Fun Run and other local events planned for Saturday, 7 November, were cancelled at the last minute “due to lack of sponsorship”. Last year, Emaar Properties (the Dubai-based investment group believed to be developing a mega resort in south Lombok) were a major sponsor of the Triathlon.

“Emaar chose not to support the Lombok International Triathlon in 2009 due to international and local economic circumstances. Therefore we are very grateful for the support that we are receiving from the Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort, the Province of Nusa Tengara Barat, Rodalink, International SOS and SIS,” Matthé said. 

Despite the sweltering heat, Australian champion A J Anderson won the Triathlon in 2 hours and 24 minutes. A J, who lives in Hong Kong, said, “Coming back on the bike was very tough! After so many hills, your legs just feel so heavy. When you get off the bike and start to run, they feel like jelly. Every part of this course is tough!”

Second place was won by popular Senggigi hero, Kadri, who also competed last year, with a race time of 2:37. In third place was Dwi Ratsonko from Surabaya, finishing in 2:45.

The ladies showed incredible stamina, beating out many of the men despite the heat, humidity and tough course. Chin Shi Yin from Malaysia won top place in the female category with a time of 3:05. Okla Gilmore from UK won second, at 3:09, and Annie Rozenauers from Australia took third with a time of 3:14.


“Lombok is the Alpe d’Huez of Asia! Very Tough! But the reception from the locals was just excellent. You forget you’re doing a race when running through the villages, with everyone waving and calling ‘hello’. The race is well organised and easy to get to. Lombok is second to none… I’ll definitely be back next year to defend my title!” Race Winner, A J Anderson.


“Lombok is a unique destination and has a fairly nefarious reputation for triathlons. I did the one in Bali and I much prefer this! The local people here are so friendly and Lombok is just beautiful!” Steve, from New Zealand.
“It’s a fantastic course – great views and the locals are fantastic! I’ve brought my family over, so we’re looking forward to staying a few more days. It’s a great island!” Mark, from the UK.


“This is my first time in Lombok and it’s fantastic! The terrain is really different. The people here are so happy… going through the villages, everyone is so excited to see you! The children are wonderful!” Michelle Swatton, from Canada.
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The Jakarta Post has reported again on the uncontrolled growth of illegal gold mines in Lombok, in the following article published on Friday, 9 November, 2009:

“Illegal gold mining activities, earlier concentrated in the Sekotong district of West Lombok, have currently spread to areas within the Central Lombok regency.

Authorities are concerned the gold mines, which are traditionally operated by local residents, could endanger their lives and damage the environment. The West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) provincial administration has not been able to stop illegal gold mines from spreading across the island because it does not have the mandate to do so.
Heriyadi Rachmat, head of the NTB energy and mineral resources office, told The Jakarta Post that at least 15 gold mines existed in Central Lombok, scattered across two districts.

Data from the Central Lombok energy and mineral resources office shows the illegal gold mines are located in the hilly parts of Central Lombok, such as Gunung Woje and Gunung Sangkong in the Pujut district, and in a number of villages in the Northwest Praya district. Heriyadi added residents had been operating the traditional mines in Central Lombok since the West Lombok regency administration had curbed mines operating in the Sekotong district in June this year. Miners from Central Lombok later returned home and opened mines there, despite the lack of gold deposits there.

“Observations show that miners have already dug holes in the traditional mines in Central Lombok. They are trying to find out if there is gold there like in Sekotong, despite the small quantities of gold deposits there,” said Heriyadi.
He added that gold mining carried out by residents in Sekotong, West Lombok, or in Central Lombok, was categorised as illegal because a 2007 ordinance prohibiting gold mining on Lombok Island was still valid. The ordinance prohibits gold mining on Lombok Island because of its small size, and “Galian C” category mining activities, which includes gold mining, could harm the environment.

However, given the potential gold deposits in the island, a number of regency administrations in Lombok have submitted a proposal to revise the ordinance, including West Lombok.

The NTB provincial administration, said Heriyadi, was waiting for the outcome of the ordinance revision currently being deliberated in the NTB legislature. He added that one of the key factors to curb illegal gold mining in West and Central Lombok was a revision of the 2007 ordinance.

The NTB provincial, as well as the Central and West Lombok regency administrations are currently shutting down illegal gold mines.

In West Lombok, for instance the local administration shut down traditional gold mines in Sekotong, although mining was still being carried out covertly in the absence of police and district officers.

In Central Lombok, the local administration has called on every village head to prohibit residents from engaging in gold mining activities.”

Unfortunately, this report is incorrect in several instances, as The Lombok Guide regularly visits the Sekotong area and can confirm that gold mining is being carried out on a large scale by the villages in the southwest and appears to be growing, despite reports that the government has closed it down.

Nor are the mining activities covert: drive along the road south of Lembar Harbour and it is obvious that gold mining fever is booming in this area. Locals make no attempt to hide the rollers and processing equipment in almost every village along the roadside. The operations are said to be heavily financed by Chinese and Arab gold merchants on Lombok.

Most significant in this report is the information that the revision of the 2007 ordinance is currently being discussed in local parliament. There have been many reports locally regarding the granting of mining licenses and the re-opening of the island to gold mining, despite its current “no mining status”.

Readers concerned about the impact of gold mining on the pristine environment of the southwest, and on the health of the local communities using mercury and other dangerous chemicals in their gold extraction processes, should contact the West Lombok Regent, Zaini Arony, (Bupati, Lombok Barat), ph: (0370) 681311 or 681677.

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A monster crowd joined Horizontal Gili T to celebrate their 4th birthday
on Halloween. Beautiful people, top DJ’s, fun costumes...
Horizontal is the party place!

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