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Discover the Gilis with an island-hopping tour on a traditional outrigger boat. Whichever Gili you are staying on, you can organise with the boat owners on the beachfront to take you to the other islands to discover the unique charms of each Gili.

From Gili T you might want to cruise over to Gili Meno in the morning for some snorkelling and lunch, then on to Gili Air to explore the island by bicycle and have a swim, before returning to Gili T.

Tour operators and boat owners are happy to customise trips to suit you and to suggest itineraries depending on the tides and best places to see.

It’s even possible to island-hop using a glass bottomed boat. These outriggers have been fitted with an acrylic base in the bottom of the boat, allowing passengers to see the underwater world beneath them without ever having to get wet!

Glass bottom boats are especially good if you are travelling with young children – allowing them to safely discover the wonders under the sea. Fun for parents too!


Want to learn to dive without the restrictions of scuba tanks and all the equipment? Freediving is the art of controlling your breath underwater to allow you to dive in freedom and explore the ocean in a more intimate way.

Freediving allows you to swim and dive wherever you want, as long as you can hold your breath. Experienced freedivers commonly can dive to 30m and more without the use of scuba equipment. Self-awareness is an important part of the sport and many describe it as a form of meditation and deeply relaxing stress-relief.

Even if you just want to improve your snorkelling skills or add to existing diving skills, you will benefit from a freediving session. It also improves lung strength and breathing, and increases joint flexibility and overall body strength.

Pacific Freedive Academy on Gili Air are professionals with many years’ experience teaching freediving in a safe and friendly way. They offer both Molchanovs and AIDA courses for beginners through to master level, as well as personalised coaching and freediving bootcamps.


Surrounded by natural beauty and immersed in the slower pace of island life, holidays are the perfect time to restore body and mind with yoga. Beginner yoga classes are readily available on the islands and many resorts also offer yoga classes for their guests.

H2O Yoga and Meditation Centre on Gili Air offer daily yoga classes, introductory meditation, workshops, massage, and a variety of holistic healing treatments, in addition to hosting retreats throughout the year.

Flowers and Fire Yoga Garden, also on Gili Air, offers daily yoga classes, workshops, retreats and creative events hosted by renowned teachers.

Sunset Beach Yoga on Gili Trawangan is housed in a purpose-built treetop yoga studio with amazing views and, in addition to daily yoga classes, offers Fly High Yoga – aerial yoga using slings to support the body as you move through the air!

Blue Marine Dive on Gili Air offers early morning yoga on the beachfront and in the late afternoons, in addition to diving and Stand Up Paddle (SUP). For something different, they also combine Yoga with SUP, which enhances strength and balance while enjoying the beautiful views from the water!


As there are no cars on any of the Gilis, riding a bicycle is a popular way to get around.

All three islands have a good ring road that follows the shore and there are smaller roads branching off to inland destinations to explore. There are beachfront bars and cafés to stop at whenever you get hungry or thirsty, or grab an ice cream or frozen yoghurt while you stop to admire the views.

Many of the hotels provide bikes for their guests to use or you can hire one at the many stalls offering bike hire by the day. Make sure the brakes work, the tyres are good and it has a working bell.

Riding a bike allows you to explore more of the island and stop off wherever looks interesting. Hop on a bike and see where the road takes you!

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